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New products

Lyric Audio

Lyric Audio

Tube Amplifiers, 2x70 Watts

Regular Price: 11000$, Our Price: 7500$

Used products

Used - Primaire i32

This used/trade in integrated amplifier, model i32 is in perfect working condition. We do have its original double box, remote control, user manual and AC cord.

Original price: 4200$
Our price: 1495$

Price does not include shipping and applicable taxes.

Used - REL R328

One used/trade in subwoofer, model R-328, designed and made by REL.

This R-328 is in perfect working condition and in very fine looking condition as well.

Through the picture you will see how clean this unit is. I have done a close visual inspection and did not found any flaw.

I do have its original box, user’s manual, AC cord and REL own proprietary speaker cable.

Regular price: 2015$
OUR PRICE: 1000$
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Price does not include shipping and applicable taxes.

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